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Please bring solid, saturated colors. Layers are great. You want to compliment your skin tone and eye color, as much possible. Think in terms of what you go out for commercially and theatrically such as "offbeat," "mom or dad", "casual customer," "blue collar employee, or "edgy teen," trailer trash," "best friend," "romantic lead."

Please try to have your looks planned out, ironed, and ready to go. If you need a quick iron touch up we've got that covered.


Also, stay away from crazy patterns, large logos, polka dots and white tops

In studio is a wardrobe rack, iron, restroom, couches and a speaker for ipod or phone. 

Guys: if you need to shave there is an attached restroom and sink.

We can divide your looks into in studio and outside for a more theatrical look.



I highly suggest makeup for men and women. Makeup professionals know what they are doing in terms of making your skin look clear, even, and refreshed. No amount of photoshop will do what a makeup artist does. My recommended and tested makeup artists will stay for your whole shoot and change makeup with your wardrobe to enhance your look. If interested in an artist on shoot day, please click here for more info.


A $60 deposit is due 72 hours before the shoot. Please book out for your 1st call auditions. Also please give a courtesy 24 hours to reschedule. If you call same day, your deposit will be forfeited.


Cash, check, or credit card (with 3% fee)


Images will be uploaded using Google Drive within 48-72 hours of shoot. If you would rather bring an external Hard Drive with over 8 Gigs of space, I can arrange to have it returned to you. Checks must be cleared before images are returned.

Proofs :

Proofs will be uploaded within 5-7 business days.


It's your choice where to get prints done. I recommend Reproductions, Pixels and Argentum. 

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