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"I am the owner of DC Talent Management in Los Angeles. One of my top priorities is finding great photographers for my clients. I have worked with Appelusa Photography for many years now. She is the photographer I recommend most often to my clients. She is professional, guarantees her work, and is a good director for the Talent. Her photography is innovative and she keeps up with the trends in the industry. I would highly recommend her. "  

                                                            - Linda Defilippo, owner,  Dc Talent Management

"I was a professional actress for many years and recently decided I would try to get back into it. Of course the first thing I needed was a headshot. I went on a website called West Coast photographers. I spent a long time carefully going through the 45 options for photographers. I finally came across Appelusa and I thought her photos were as creative, beautiful and professional as any of the photographers who were offering their services for ridiculous amounts of money. I chose Appelusa and I am thrilled that I did. Not only did she make me feel completely comfortable while the shoot was happening, but when I saw the pictures she had taken of me, I realized that I was more beautiful than I thought I was. Do I have to say more? Well, I will. After the photos were done she generously helped me to navigate the new world (to me) of the internet and acting. If I had any questions she was instantly there for me. With my whole heart I am endorsing the wonderful Appelusa. " -Hilarie Thompson, client

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